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Ciro Nov 21, 2014  
Despite getting her break on a US talent show and shooting to stardom as the Pussycat Dolls’ frontwoman, Nicole Scherzinger‘s solo career has yet to finds its feet Stateside – and she’s ready to put that right in the New Year.
The star’s first solo album, Her Name Is Nicole, was completely shelved when its singles failed to do the business, and despite yielding a UK No1 in the amazing ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’, 2011’s banger-filled Killer Love was never actually released in North America either.
So it’s only now with her new record Big Fat Lie that she’s ready to fully launch herself as an individual entity in her homeland. After peaking inside the Top 20 in the UK last month, it’s set to be released across the pond in early 2015 – and the former X Factor judge is more than ready for it. “It’s my debut album in the US, it’s so exciting,” she told Hollywire. “It’s been a thousand years in the waiting! I wanted to get it right; everything right in its own time.

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“The entire album… it’s such a singles-driven world, and this is the first time I’ve worked with one producer-writer team, so it’s a real body of work. It’s a real collection of pieces; it’s a reflection of many different sides of me, but it’s just honest. Fans will really get to know me through my music.”
While ‘Your Love’ was the big first single internationally, the US were gifted with power-ballad ‘Run’ to kick the campaign off. “It’s honest,” she said of the song. “In this day and age, I think that’s what people connect with, is honesty. And I think the song is so relatable; so many people – even though it comes from a broken place and it is vulnerable, so many people can find strength from this song.”

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‘Run’ is also being serviced as the star’s next UK single, and was performed on The X Factor last weekend to strongly positive feedback from viewers – who now seem keen for her to return to the judging panel in 2015. But around her US release and her upcoming gig in London’s West End in Cats, she’s definitley got her work cut out if she’s going to find room in her diary!
Watch the video for ‘Run’ below.

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