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Massimiliano   Nov 11, 2014  

The mix of black and white and colour pictures show Nicole draped in a blanket in a beautiful old house, looking intensely in a mirror and lying on the floor. The song, which sees Nicole giving relationship advice, sounds like it’s as raw and emotional as the video stills:
“The song is called Run basically encouraging people to run from whatever fears are holding them back,” she revealed to E! News. “We all have our own stuff-people, relationships, ourselves, the stuff inside of our mind-that hold us back and make us feel small, make us feel less than, that we can’t do it, that we’re less then.”
She added: “It’s running from that and running to something bigger and more positive.” 

Nicole will perform the single for the first time on The X Factor on 16thNovember

“This album is about me revealing some of my personal struggles and facing them head on. Once you realize something is a lie you are on your way to the truth, where you will find your own clarity, peace and acceptance” Nicole said about her album, Big Fat Lie.

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